Turn your gadget into a FUNtastic tour guide

A self-guided tour, map, and game — all-in-one for more fun


    Explore the city through a self-guided walking tour with fun tasks


    Learn rich stories, legends and verified facts from local historians


    Discover must-sees, secret sights, and hidden gems


    No set start time or place, walk at your own pace, take a break and continue at your will

  • WIN

    Solve fun riddles, gain points, get discounts for future games


    Explore the city through a self-guided walking tour with fun tasks

  • Reviews

    Cannes Danes

    Enjoyed it and learned a lot, glad to recommend to others!

    Hansen family

    Thank you Loqi, you were a fun and playful guide. Congrats Loquests this is fun learning. Will be back

    Helen Mickelson

    Great self-guided tour of Monte-Carlo! Fun tasks! We'll also do Monaco now

    Jared Stockton

    Americans visiting Europe for the first time. Had great fun with my family , highly recommend the tour of old NIce


    It was ok! We visited all the must places and solved some riddles.

    Lol team

    had a blast. It was super hot that day. Good thing we could stop for a nice meal and continued the quest later!


    Oh what a great game. Had a lot of fun! Although it was hot we managed to finish our quest :)

    Victoria Roberts

    We were a bit tired by the end but generally we liked it. Our kids loved Loqi the fox!

    The Fun Bunch

    We had a bash of a time in Nice - even received a discount code at the end of the game. Will surely try on another game


    Really enjoyed the story behind the quest. Every spot we visited was linked with a small story and we really likes it!

    West Coast

    First time in France , awesome , will use the discount code for our Cannes visit

    Μαρία Χ

    Our kids loved it and wanted some more. Happy to explore Athens in this way!

    Eugine I

    Good tour, I recommend

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