Who we are and why we have created Loquests

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Who are we?

We are a startup of experienced travelers and Loqi Le Fox
Between all of us, we’ve been to practically every part of the globe
We have an international team: French, Greek, Italian, Danish, Russian, Korean…

Why have we created Loquests?

We’ve created Loquests to make your holiday rock because we’ve experienced:

How boring is meaningless roaming around a new place
How time consuming is tedious trip planning
How hard is figuring out a family friendly activity for all ages
How stressful is following strict time schedules on holiday

What’s special about Loquests?

We carefully selected verified historical facts, must-see and little-known sights, local legends and urban myths.

We grouped them into tours, perfectly measured for a relaxed holiday pace.

A tour, map, and game, all in one for more fun!

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