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  1. Activate GPS (location services), WiFi and mobile data on your mobile device
  2. Download & install LOQUIZ (AppStore for IOS, Google play for Android - LoQuiz supports iOS 13+: iPhones bought later than Sep 2019 & Android 7+: Android phones bought later than Sep 2016).
  3. Make sure to allow LOQUIZ to access the device’s camera, album and location services (all Loquests are geolocation based and you will be asked to take pictures during the game).
  4. Tap LOQUIZ to run the application
  5. Enter the username and password that you’ve received either by email or by SMS and click “SIGN IN”
  6. Read the Loquest info and press “OK” (you can always read this info later, through app's Menu > Info tab).
  7. Tap on “START” and press “YES” on the popup question.
  8. Enter your nickname (or team name if you are playing with other people) and your nationality (optional).
  9. You can now start playing: visit points and answer questions.

Check for traffic around and watch your steps - some locations included in the Loquests are rural and include ruins of ancient structures that make walking tiring or unstable.

Quests FAQ

How to avoid roaming charges?
- EU SIM card: roaming is free and you can use your program's mobile data to play the game. - Non-EU SIM card: please start the game while on WiFi connection and connect to WiFi again before exiting the game to upload your score.
Which device should I use?
If you have access to multiple phones (you are planning on playing with friends or family members), we recommend playing the game using the phone that has the longest battery life. This is usually the most recent and/or most expensive phone. It’s a good idea to play games with a fully charged phone.
When is the best time to play one of your games?
You can play our games all year round! But we strongly recommend playing them during the day! **Many of the spots selected in our games are not accessible or not as impressive without daylight!**
I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do to start the game.
You need to follow the following steps: - Download the LoQuiz app (see instructions [above](loquests.com/help)) - Have a valid username and password sent to you via email and/or SMS when you’ve purchased the Loquest of your choice (see instructions [above](loquests.com/help)) - Start the LoQuiz app (see instructions [above](loquests.com/help))
I am in the game, what now?
Each point on the map has two characteristics, a short intro and a circle: - The short intro is revealing the relative content of that point. - The circle on each point is the trigger radius: move inside this circle (the blue dot on the map representing your location should be inside the trigger radius) to activate the task hidden. - After completing the task, the point you have visited will disappear from the map. - Your map is dynamic and you can zoom in / out, center it to your point, rotate it, and align it to the compass direction (by clicking on the compass icon that appears ONLY if you rotate the map). - Build your strategy on how to move around the place, based on the points you want to visit! If you need to visit the menu, tap on the three dashes (burger button) @ the top left of the screen: - Satellite / Map View: switch from native map to satellite map. - Score: points you have visited, correct and wrong answers, distance traveled, total score. - Info: read again the game’s information if needed. - Exit: closes the application.
Do the Loquests in different cities look alike?
No, each city has a different Loquest with unique questions and points on the map. But be aware that Time Challenge Loquest in a specific city will be identical to the Nerdy one of the same city. But your challenge will be to get the best score in the least amount of time!
Can each Loquest be played with more than 1 person?
Sure thing! In fact, you will have more fun playing with a couple of friends, or your loved one, or your spouse and kids. We recommend playing with up to 4 people for maximum joy. If you are more, you can always buy 2 tickets and compete as teams, comparing scores once the game is over.
I use an iPhone and the pins on the map don’t work.
Most probably you're using an outdated version of iOS or the LoQuiz app. A quick fix is to use another device if available. Check "**My mobile device is running out of battery, how can I migrate my game to another device?**" to successfully migrate your game from one device to another.
Is my phone ok to run LoQuiz?
Loquiz is a fairly simple app but since it uses multiple resources at the same time (GPS, camera, audio, etc.), If you don’t have a recommended version of Android or iOS (see instructions above), then you might experience glitches or you will not even be able to start the game.
I’ve downloaded the application but the username and password don’t work.
Please check if you’ve misspelled any of the credentials. If not, please make sure your game is not active on any other device (you’ve started the game on another device and then chose to stop and play it on the device you’re currently facing the issue with). If that’s the case, please see "**My mobile device is running out of battery, how can I migrate my game to another device?**" to successfully migrate your game from one device to another.
There is a comic bubble with a red dot on the top of the screen, what’s that?
The red button means you have received a new message from the game master. If you click on the comic bubble, you can read the message. You can also answer the message. Once you’ve seen all the new messages, the red dot will disappear.
I accidentally closed the app while I was playing the game, what do I do to restore the game?
Open the app again. On the introductory page select “Continue last game”. Your game will continue.
My mobile device is running out of battery, how can I migrate my game to another device?
Close the app on the mobile you will be withdrawing from. On the phone you will continue the game, follow these steps. - Download LoQuiz as you have done when you’ve started the game on the phone with the drained battery. - (**Only for iPhones**) If you own an iPhone you will be prompted to allow LoQuiz to access the device’s camera, album and location services. For 100% functionality, please do allow those! - Enable location services (GPS), WiFi, and Mobile data (If you don’t want to use mobile data, please login to a Wifi network before continuing to the next step). - Open the LoQuiz application, enter username and password and click “Sign in”. - (**Only for Android**) If you will play on an Android device, you will be asked to allow the app to access the device’s camera, album and location services. - Press Start on the intro message. - Don’t input your name again, rather select the “or resume with existing team” option. - Select your nickname or team name from the list and confirm your choice. - You can continue playing the game.
The blue dot of my position on the map has a faint blue circle around it that covers a large portion of the map.
Your device has not found enough satellites to be able to locate your exact spot. If you are inside a building, you should go out and wait while your device locates more satellites. A quick fix to several location services problems is to disable and reactivate location services (GPS).
My location blob (blue dot) jumps away tens of meters sometimes?
This situation can happen when GPS signal accuracy is low and the device tries to use the wifi network location for the positioning. Try switching the GPS off and on again. Another solution is to switch the WiFi off but if you are trying to avoid being charged for roaming data, you need to play on Airplane mode (the device will only base its geopositioning on GPS so make sure you have a great GPS signal before doing that).
I have an iPad or tablet. Can I also do the quests with this?
If your iPad or Tablet has GPS and there is a SIM card with 3G/4G/5G internet bundle with which you can start the game then this is of course also fine. That’s going to give you a bigger screen to look at and everyone will be able to see more. Also, a fully charged Tablet or iPad will last a lot longer without having to recharge or use a powerbank.
Can I pause the game?
When you start your Loquest, the clock starts ticking and you can't stop. There is no possibility to pause the game halfway through. If you don’t care about time, then you can always stop playing whenever you want and continue again later. Once a Loquest has started, it will remain available for you to resume for 72 hours since the initial login.
I have other questions that your instructions have not solved.
You can send us an [email]([email protected]) with your questions and we will be happy to help.

Payments FAQ

Do I need to enter my mobile phone?
No it’s optional, you will still receive all quest codes by email.
I have a discount code. Where do I enter it to redeem it?
Underneath the price of the quest, you'll find a link that says: “Enter discount code.“ Click it and enter the code. If the code is valid the price will be automatically renewed.
What payment methods can I use?
I am having trouble completing the payment. How can I solve it?
Please double check that you've entered your personal details correctly and try again. If your purchase still can't be completed, please try a different payment method or contact your bank. If the problem persists contact Loquests support team.
I have completed the payment but haven’t received the quest codes. What should I do?
Once your payment is complete, a mail is sent to your mail address (the one you entered in the payment process) with game instructions & passwords, within 5 minutes. If your payment is complete but still no game instructions mail is received, you will receive a mail prompting you to contact Loquests support team. If your payment is complete but no mail is received whatsoever, please check your spam and then contact Loquests support team.

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