Terms of use

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Web Site of Loquests. Please look over the following terms and conditions for using this Site. By using this Site, including the download material, it is implied that you accept those terms. Loquests reserves the right to change those terms and conditions of use in the future at its own discretion. These terms and conditions apply to all visits to the Loquests Site, now and in the future. COPYRIGHT © 2021 loquests.com. All rights reserved.

2. Use of this site

Loquests allows you to view, copy and print the material published in the Site, on the condition that the material: (a) will be utilized for personal use only and not for commercial purposes, (b) is not changed or converted in any way whatsoever and (c) prominently displays all the copyright and proprietary marks in their original form. All the contents of this Site are copyright protected. Unless explicitly stated, no piece of information from the Site can be reproduced in any form or means, without the prior consent of Loquests in writing. The visitors or users are forbidden to change, distribute, publish, transmit or create derivative products from any material in this Site, whether that is for public or commercial use.

3. Use of software

Any software made available to be downloaded from the Loquests Site (“Software”), is protected by copyright from Loquests and its suppliers. Any use of the software is subject to the terms of the permission granted to the end user.

4. Trade marks

Loquests and all its products or the names of services, slogans and logos which refer to the Site, comprise the trade marks of Loquests. Any other company, product or name of a service which refers to this Site is only used for the purposes of identification and may be the trade marks of their corresponding owners. The use of any Loquests trade mark or that of third parties which is used in the Site is strictly forbidden, without the prior consent of Loquests in writing or that of the third party, being the owner of the trade mark.

5. Liability disclaimer

Although Loquests has made every attempt to provide accurate information in its corporate Site, some information contained therein may comprise of technical inaccuracies or printing errors. The contents of each document comprising the Site is believed to be current and accurate on the date of its publication. Loquests is not liable for the accuracy of the information which is displayed in this Site. Loquests may change the programs or products referred to therein at any time without prior notification. With regards to the current and completed documents, please contact Loquests directly. Any reference to the products of other companies or services is made for information purposes only and is not an indication that Loquests adopts or recommends using those products. ANY INFORMATION, SOFTWARE, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED IN THIS SITE ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITH ALL ERRORS AND WITHOUT Loquests PROVIDING ANY GUARANTEE, WHETHER IT BE IN WRITING OR IMPLIED, LEGAL OR OTHERWISE. Loquests AND ITS SUPPLIERS UNCONDITIONALLY DENY ALL GUARANTEES, WHETHER THEY BE IN WRITING OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THOSE WITH REGARDS TO THE MARKETABILITY, SUITABILITY FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE AND NON INFRINGEMENT, OR THOSE EMANATING FROM ANY DEALINGS, USE OR COMMERCIAL PRACTICE. Certain jurisdictions do not permit the denial of implied warranties, therefore the above prohibition may not apply in your case. Loquests AND ITS SUPPLIERS ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIFIC, ATTENDANT OR ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE, INCLUDING, UNCONDITIONALLY, LOSS OF PROFITS OR INCOME, COST OF REPLACING GOODS, LOSS OF OR DAMAGE TO DATA EMANATING FROM THE USE OR INABILITY TO USE THIS SITE OR ANY Loquests PRODUCT, DAMAGE CAUSED BY THE USE OR TRUST PLACED IN THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE SITE, EVEN IN THE EVENT THAT Loquests AND ITS SUPPLIERS HAVE RECEIVED PRIOR NOTIFICATION OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. Loquests is in no way liable and will not be legally liable for any delayed, lost or failed contact made through the Site.

6. Links to the sites of third parties

This Site may contain links to Sites which are controlled by third parties. Loquests offers these links purely for assistance. Access to other Sites is your responsibility and Loquests is not liable and does not approve of or accept any liability with regards to the contents or use of those Sites.

7. Areas which have password access

Access to and use of areas which have password restriction and/or secure areas of the Site are restricted to approved users only.

8. Future statements

Some of the information contained in this Site may comprise of statements which refer to future events, the anticipated operation of products or anticipated release dates and other similar information. For reasons beyond the direct control of Loquests, the actual events or outcomes may be drastically different. This difference may be attributable, amongst other things, to possible fluctuations in financial results, lightning technological changes and product development, highly competitive financial activity, confidence or third suppliers and hazards which are related to international events.

9. Law and jurisdiction

This Site is controlled by Loquests from its offices in Athens, Greece. All matters in relation to your access to or use of the Site are governed by Hellenic legislation. Any legal action or recourse in relation to the access to or use of this Site, will be referred to the courts of the Attica prefecture. You and Loquests hereby agree to come under its jurisdiction and accept that as the means of hearing any similar legal action or petition. Loquests does not state that the information contained in this Site is appropriate for use in other places. Those who choose to access this Site from other Sites do so upon their own initiative and are responsible for complying with the local laws in force. You cannot access, download, use or export the information, products or software services which are contained in this Site, violating Hellenic laws and provisions on exporting, or violating local laws and provisions currently in force.

10. Safety precautions

You are responsible for your own health and safety Please read this before starting the tour / game. You will be walking around in the normal pedestrian and traffic environments, crossing streets, tramways, bicycle paths, also bi-directional bicycle paths. It is and remains your own responsibility to adhere to traffic regulations and rules for public space when moving around in these spaces. As you do on any other day. It is your own responsibility to apply common sense and keep an eye on all other people, vehicles and objects around you - as only you are responsible for your own safety. Games can and will require walking up and down stairs, inclinations, paved and non paved areas - it is your own responsibility to avoid falling or pushing your body harder than your health can handle. Be careful in both dry and wet conditions, as marble, tiles, cobbled stones, paved and unpaved, even gravel paths can be slippery. Wear sensible foot gear for a good grip, safe and comfortable walk. We provide gaming content for a positive experience, we are not, and cannot under any circumstances, be held responsible in any way or manner, not even partially, for how you behave and execute the tour and what consequences your actions can and may have for you and/or other people or objects around you. The games are made for your enjoyment - take care of yourself and all around you - and have fun.